Native Instruments Guitar Combo III

Native Instruments Guitar Combo III 1.0

NI Guitar Combo III is a tube amp simulation program
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Native Instruments Guitar Combo III is a tube amp simulation program for experienced and new users of the Behringer USB guitar that provides users with a professional studio sound emulating the sounds and tones of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

The Native Instruments Guitar Combo III amp offers a delay unit with reverse features, and a fuzz and distortion pedal. As a stand alone edition, this program is suitable for live performances and offers a basic set of features to enable users to create their own individual sounds. Features include a noise gate, post and pre-amp effects, and a preset manager with a drag and drop function available. The program utilizes Dynamic Tube Response technology and a dynamic microphone combined with a 2 x 12 cabinet ensuring that authentic and realistic tones are heard. The program also includes a limiter and a tuner.

Native Instruments Guitar Combo III is a special edition exclusively for users of the Behinger USB guitar, and these users can download this standalone edition for free with a coupon, by simply going to the normal page. After they click "Buy", they will only need to input the details from their coupons. When users plug in their USB guitars, this combo is all that they need to enjoy the characteristics of the authentic rock sound that this combo embodies.

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  • Exclusive offer for Behringer USB guitar users


  • Not suitable for Vista 64
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